Forshey and Wildair Rain gardens Tested during September 6-12, 2015

by Stephanie Gross

It has been a wet week- perfect for reporting the data collected at the Forshey and Wildair sites.

As Zachary mentioned previously, there is a difference between Forshey and Wildair rain gardens. I attempted to make two water collections this week to test water chemistry at Forshey. My first attempt was Monday after 5:00pm – but the dropbox was dry. I checked the dropbox again on Friday after 5:00pm and only a few milliliters of water was present- not enough for water chemistry test. Hardly what I expected to find.

Wildair, however, had enough water collected to collect and analyze. Here are the results on the water chemistry:

temp 28 C
DO <4 ppm
nitrate 20 ppm
nitite 0 ppm
hardness 75 ppm
chlorine 0 ppm
alkalinity 40 ppm
ph 8.4
iron 1 ppm
phosphorus 4 ppm
copper 0 ppm
bacteria positive

Over time and with more collections, we will be able to analyze this data to determine what parameters change with both seasonal and environmental changes. Trends will be noticed, hypotheses will be tested, stats will be calculated- oh my!

Coming soon, I’ll describe the habitat and show you plenty of pretty pictures!


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