A Wet Halloween Weekend in Gentilly

by Stephanie Gross


Sunday afternoon, I swung by the Gentilly rain garden on Wildair Dr.
Much like the Forshey site, water could be seen puddled by the dropbox, bases of trees, and in the ditch of the rain garden. Drains leading from the streets had debris and trash, but nothing too large to majorly disrupt the flow of water into the rain garden.



As mentioned before, pollutants in the form of fertilizer, motor oil, metals, grease, pet waste, etc. are filtered out by soil, roots of plants, and compost, so the garden naturally improves water quality.


Just as the Forshey site, spider lilies, palmettos, Cypress trees, and Louisiana grasses are seen growing. And in a few spots you can see irises too!


I hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures. Chemical analysis will be provided at a later time.


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